Rat Rods For Sale

For some of us, there is no better remedy than buying ourselves a hot rod, old rat rods or classic car as a way to satisfy a mid-life crisis. You may find some real bargains out there if you look long enough. Remember, "one man trash is another mans treasure". In my opinion, the best place for true bargain rat rods for sale is at eBay Motors. However, like any automobile purchase, you need to do a little extra legwork before placing that winning bid on your new hot rod or rat rod.

Therefore, to help you make a wise purchase decision, and put you in the seat of the rat rod, hot rod or muscle car  of your dreams, I offer up these three tips:

Read and re-read The Auction Listing

This seems obvious, but, all too often, it is easy to get excited about a listing and then miss the fine print in a listing which may disclose additional terms or mechanical problems. A vehicle history report
can uncover title problems, odometer tampering], and prior damage to the vehicle. Also, there is no reason to be shy about contacting the seller and asking them questions regarding the history and condition of the vehicle for sale. If the seller seems unwilling to give you straight-up answers, find another seller.

Establish Proper Delivery Plans

For instance, you found this dealer with a number of terrific rat rods for sale in Delaware. However, you live in Ohio. To take delivery, you will have to travel to the sellers location pick up the car yourself. Better yet, you can make arrangements with a car transport company to deliver the car to you. Just be sure and get a number of quotes before signing a delivery contract.

Call Your Friendly Allstate Guy

Sometimes insurance companies have special premium provisions for some old rat rods or Classic cars. Therefore, it's best to find out how much your vehicle will cost to ensure before you spend your hard-earned money. Also, there are a number of insurance companies which specialize in insuring vehicles considered rat rod project cars or muscle cars. Since most of these types of vehicles are secondary transportation and not used as a commuting vehicle, they are classified as having lower risk, and thus, can carry a far lower insurance premium.

As I stated previously, there are some real good bargains to be had on eBay Motors. Just make sure you have done your homework so you may enjoy your new hot rod or rusty rat rods for many years to come.

Ross is an experienced eBay merchant and an avid collector of classic ugly rat rods and classic cars. If you enjoyed reading this article, please feel free to visit our website and search for your own rat rod rust queen
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